Over the last 20 years, ROVIGO SPRL has earned an outstanding business reputation within the insolvency industry.

Essentially having as its core values good faith, honesty and concern for full compliance with the Law, Rovigo continues to strive for excellence with its  highly skilled and trustworthy team of professionals.

On average, our company manages a portfolio of  a little  over 100 insolvent debtors. Many of these have been or are continuing to be managed and guided out of insolvency including some well- known companies. As a result of this success, Rovigo continues to make a serious and substantial contribution to the national economy.

Our company places a particular emphasis on its specialist skills and expertise in  safeguarding companies undergoing restructuring proceedings.

Since 2013, ROVIGO SPRL’s growing popularity and reputation has prompted the setting up of a  branch office in Brasov.

Part of what differentiates ROVIGO SPRL and ROVIGO SPRL - Brasov branch from other insolvency firms is the team's cooperation with lawyers from "DELEANU Vasile- Attorneys at Law".

Both firms have the same founding partner and are members of a network which provides professional cross border business services.

All the above are grounds for increasing Rovigo’s market share and for strengthening its reputation.

ROVIGO SPRL provides integrated judicial, financial and fiscal, management services and restructuring including (but not limited too):

  • Full administration or partial reorganization/judicial liquidation/reorganization in the field of insolvency in accordance with Law No. 85/2014 (Prevention of Insolvency & Insolvency Proceedings) [‘Law No. 85/2014’’];
  • Administering pre-insolvency procedures under Law No. 85/2014;
  • Administering full or partial judicial reorganizing/liquidation utilizing commercial group procedure according to and in compliance with Law No. 85/2014;
  • Setting up and implementing restructuring and reorganizing plans;
  • Special administration according to and in compliance with Law No. 85/2014;
  • Voluntary liquidation according to and in compliance with Law No. 31/1990 (Company Law);
  • Consultancy on financial problems/difficulties, pre- insolvency and solvency;
  • Analyzing and reorganizing plans required by the syndic judge in accordance with Art. 139, Law No. 85/2014;

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